Providing DJ and MC services for Weddings, Private and Corporate Events!

First of all I would like to say thank you for your interest in our services, we pride ourselves on the
satisfaction of our customers. Here are a few things that you should know about us.

• A fully independent operation, self-owned and self employed.
• Operating with more than 20+ years of experience of events.
• Music that varies from songs of today and to as far back as 50 years.
• We are your DJ’s for the night.

Magsino Mobile Entertainment was formed back in 1988 with brothers Vince and Vergil Magsino teaming
together to provide background music for their parents assosication parties, thru their parents friends and
contacts they were able to showcase their DJ talents as a hobby. From small dinner dance parties to birthdays
and anniversaries the performances were very satisfying to family friends which led to the next step of events
which were weddings of friends and family members.

In 1988 Magsino Mobile Entertainment began servicing Weddings and it hasn’t stop from there. With the
satisfaction of past customers grew the wedding business at a rapid pace to where the main focus was
Weddings! Through the years gaining experiences from each wedding has prepared Magsino Mobile
Entertainment to provide the professional service and performance it has been know for.
In 2013, twenty -five years later and going strong we have kept to our core philosophy and will continue to base
our professional service upon that.


Vince Magsino is very passionate about Weddings and it shows in his work ethic and performance. Now working with his cousin and assistant DJ Raemond Luz, Vince has been able to operate all the aspects of Magsino Mobile Entertainment with that personable touch.  Vince is a husband to Charlene, father to 2 sons Colin and Kyle and is an avid golfer.

Thank You for visiting Magsino Mobile Entertainment and look forward to making your special event a memorable one!
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